TCGA 3 Man Scramble
Saturday, April 30th
The Links at Hiawatha Landing
Tee Times
Player 1 Player 2 Player 3
10:18 Scott Sanyshyn Dave Brink Josh Robinson
10:30 Rich Avery JB Bump Gary Bendert
Craig Mabee Tim Rose Jake Sladish
10:42 Jim Blodgett Hugh Leonard Mark Wasser
Kyle Nedlik Matt Scanlon Antonio Wood
10:54 Gregg Driscoll Kevin Cook Chris Nicdo
Gary Dickins Jared Reilly Lance Collar
11:06 Tim Cronk Nate Cronk Wyatt Jacobs
Grant Gulick Andrew Tokos Nate Cleary
11:18 GP Morgan Marty Kline Brad Bennett
Jim Marusich Clark Giblin Kyle McKillop
11:30 Jeff Kisloski Matt Kisloski Ray Lavo
Kyle Sevey Nick Chernega Aaron Reeser
11:42 Keith Chesk Brian Lavin Matt Bedosky
Bob Charno Tim Fech Kevin Jester
11:54 Tom Corcoran Kyle Corcoran Josh Olson
Rich Jones Joe Pan Dave Haines
12:06 Jason Raimo JJ Shearer Justin Clark
Chris Leonard Chris Jerauld Clint Ferro III
12:18 Sheldon Johnson Sean Ianson Andy Altman
Bob Taylor Adam Schumacher Bob Fuller
12:30 Larry Moon Pete Peters Josh Holling
Mike Jaros Kevin Savage Earl Monroe
12:42 Starters Time Starters Time Starters Time
Starters Time Starters Time Starters Time
12:54 Bob Flanders Rick Sperski Jeff Parsons
Walker Starner DJ Camp Steve Kisis
1:06 Matt Ryan Dave Hensberry Jon Beechie
Matt Morley Rob Krowiak Justin Biegal





Scoville-Meno TCGA Jr. Golf 2016

Players that compete in at least ½ the events are eligible for the Prestigious Scoville-Meno Scholarship award. 


Important information

10 shot rule – Double par rule.  Any participant will take a score no higher than double the par on a given hole.  For example, if the hole is a par 4 the player cannot take a score higher than 8.  If a player is on his 8th shot he/she simply will pick up their ball and help the other participants finish the hole. This is to speed up play.

Trophies: Will be awarded to the winners of each division

Player of the Year points –Players will earn POY points based on their finish in the tournament.  Points will be added and used to determine who will participate in the TCGA Championship a Binghamton CC on August 8th.  Tournament committee will be involved in the selection of this field if not enough players qualify.

Tee Times: Will be posted on the TCGA website along with the paper sometime during the week prior to the tournament.  Please make sure you know your tee time and arrive at the course 30 minutes prior to it.

Additional information

Contact Matt Morley;

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